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Value-Added Benefits

DeltaVision® Value Discounts

Additional Valuable Savings for Vision Plan Members

With DeltaVision coverage and the Superior Vision National network, members get comprehensive, quality benefits at affordable rates.

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LASIK Benefits through DeltaVision®

Laser vision correction (LASIK) is a procedure that can reduce or eliminate your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. This corrective service is available to you and your eligible dependents at a special discount with your DeltaVision plan.

QualSight surgeons have collectively performed more than 7.5 million procedures. Through QualSight, members can receive up to 50% off the national average price of traditional LASIK with over 1,000 locations to choose from nationwide.

Additionally, there are:
-No authorizations required by DeltaVision.
-No copayments needed.
-DeltaVision members are informed of the exact contracted prices during their initial phone consultation.

Get Started
1. Call (877) 201-3602 or visit for more information on LASIK benefits.
2. LASIK service experts will explain the process and answer any remaining questions.
Select a local in-network provider, and set a free appointment at a time that works for you!