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Yogurt Can Benefit Your Smile

May 14, 2012

Ever since you were little, you were told to brush and floss your teeth in order to keep a healthy, beautiful smile, but you were likely never told to eat yogurt every day. Research is showing that those who eat yogurt daily are less likely to suffer from gum disease and tooth loss.

For years, nutritionists and doctors have been praising the health benefits that one can reap from eating just a few ounces of yogurt regularly, but now it’s dentists who are encouraging patients to begin eating the creamy, dairy food. Yogurt has always been known to be high in calcium which helps strengthen all bones, including teeth. Now, researchers say it can benefit your mouth in other ways too. It is believed that the healthy bacteria found in yogurt helps protect your gums and teeth from disease and decay, as well as decreasing the oral levels of hydrogen sulfide which can lead to bad breath.

So why should you begin a regimen that includes eating several ounces of yogurt every day? Not only because Americans eat over 200 million pounds of it each year or because there are countless numbers of flavors, healthy additives like granola and convenient varieties like the drinkable and squeezable types, but because now there is proof that the delicious treat can keep your pearly whites healthy and bright. It looks like a great time to hit your grocer’s yogurt aisle.

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